10 May 2010

mother's day 2010

me&zara was watching melodi kt hall atas.. sitting on d black sofa.. aku saje2 lean to her n put my head on her shoulder... then she sengatkan her kepala n lean on my head... then she kiss my head... like i always did to her... (auwww.... so sweet... i smiled... :) )

then aku tau sure dia lenguh nk tahan kepala aku yg berat tu.. so, aku letak plk kepala kt atas riba dia.. then, what she do??... she tepuk2 my hand... like i always did to her... again... (sooooo sweet... i smiled...:) )

thats my best mother's day ever!!..

later, that evening abah blanje kiter mkn kt fullhouse, sunway.. & bought my belated b'day present.. maternity jeans.. heheh..thanx syg.. ;)


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