14 April 2010

pregnancy season 2: part 2

halloooo.... adoyaiii... lama nyer xupdet blog nih... bz eikk?.. ye kot..:p MALAS sbenar nyer.. :p

anyway... mmg kalo ikutkan ati byk je bende nk citer.. ari tu berangan nk cite psl my 3series celebration + reunion mrsm.. tp xsompek la...

xpe2..aku nk citer yg ni dl... ni lg best.. :p

smalam gi my 2nd checkup with dr.raja.. pi 'mengendap' baby.no2... :) d moment doctor scan& focus kt baby, can obviously see baby punyer tangan & kaki... active betul!!.. angkat2 tgn mcm nk say hi to mama, abah n kakak plk.. :p alhamdulillah... sumer looks ok.. :)

yg best nyer tgk reaction zara biler nmpk baby kt screen tu.. tercengang2 dia.. i think she cannot recognize d image yet... beriya2 doc.raja tu citer kt dia... 'tgk tu baby buat tgn nk boxing2... dia babai kakak kot...'... tercengang2 lg anak aku... :p

bagus betul doc.raja ni.. biler scan 1D tu nmpk jelas... dia scan 3D plk.. huhuhuh... 1st time kitorg buat 3D scan.. xmintak pun.. tp aku rase dia sajer bg kot.. (risau gak dia charge extra - coz i know 3D scan is EXPENSIVE)... tp tgk bill, biase je.. alhamdulillah.. thanx doc!!.. ;)

btw, based on baby's size, due date not much diff.. still in early nov... :)

so.. this is d latest pic of my baby no.2...

1D image... dah nmpk kaki n tangan... :)
3D image... nmpk tak tanagn baby mcm nk 'boxing' ...:p


  1. uchu yang nk exam tp sempat lg bc blog :PThursday, April 15, 2010 9:00:00 PM

    uchu has been trying to fgure out whether its a boy or a girl :P

  2. second baby ye... bestnye
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