30 April 2010

4 years of love&happiness

hari ni genap 4 tahun kita kawen... alhamdulillah..
4years of happiness & loves..
even tho kdg2 ade dugaan yg menyelit, we manage to pull tru..

i'm blessed to have u as my soulmate..
my impatient is ur patient,
my kemalasan is ur kerajinan,
kekurangan awk adalah kelebihan utk sy..
we're not perfect, but we make each other perfect

we maybe had less time 'togather',
less jalan2...less tgk wayang... less dating2...less holding hands...
but 1 thing i know for sure that will not less .... its OUR LOVE... growing stronger&stronger... insyaAllah..

i love u more n more every single day...
happy aniversary sayang.. :)

(sorry, post lambat 1hari..:p)


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