15 March 2010

patut laaaa...

Petikan from babycenter.com (Your pregnancy: 5 weeks)

"You may notice some pregnancy-related discomforts already. Many women report sore breasts, fatigue, and frequent urination starting in the early weeks. "

tp yg seram nyer part ni:...

"You may also have nausea, though it's more likely to show up in the coming weeks."
adoyaiiiii.... : den mmg lomah betul bab2 muntah ni... dl mase pregnantkan zara, mmg la meloya.. tp seingat aku, SEKALI je aku muntah.. dah le time tu bulan puase... 'bravo mira!!' :p

anyway... we see how la yer minggu ni... hopefully xde teruk sgt.. yg penting baby sihat.. aminnnn... :)


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