25 June 2009

penyakit M

adoiiii.... byk bende nk di blog ni... tp kat opis 'line xclear'... kat umah kene penyakit M(alas) la plk... nk mengarang2 lg... ade sape2 nk tlg buat entry tak???... :p

btw, things that i-wanna-blog-but-i-lazy-to-blog:
+ nyanyah's wedding
+ picnic @ wetland
+ my-not-so-happy-work-life
+ my 'projek-transformasi'
+ my 'projek-jutawan' (byk nyer projekkkk...)
... basically i just want to crap about my everyday-life...

hmmm...nnt2 la yer.. kalo ade sesaper nk tlg 'bercerita' pun ok gak..

while i'm ending my day today with my rutine... which is S.L.E.E.P... enjoy la this video.. (also available in my fesbuk)

my anak-dara menyanyi.. otw back from nyanyah's wedding.. d sky is soooo clear + soooo many STARs 'twinkeling'(sp?) up in d sky!!.. (pls ignore d visual & bg-sound)


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