18 January 2009

2OO8 vs 2OO9

nak buat entry baru...tp xde idea...

anyway, i have this list... maybe its not too late yet to share this kan??...

azam 2009
+ pindah umah baru
+ beli a CAMERA w phone.. or a phone w good quality picture n video + internet (so that i can terus upload gambar2 i took to my blog or fotopages)
+ reduce my waist size (diet lah!!) b4 mid year... sbb by end of d year dah nak start bukak balik 'kilang-buat-anak' .. insyaAllah.. :p
+ do more activities w family (mine + hubby's family)
+ vacation ( jakarta on july + maybe 1 more place(when+where TBD))
+ do steamboat makan2 at (new)home...w families
+ do facial/massage/medicure-pedicure
+ monthly 'sports day'
+ hopefully ade pertambahan family (u know who u r la yer)

2008 memoirs n achievements
+ got adik ipar(rizal got bertunang n kawen)
+ i change job (metech -> techn0dex -> jcm)
+ bought our 1st house
+ 1st time menjalankan kewajipan sbg rakyat boleh-land (go voting la)
+ signup for health screening 'scheme' (tp checkup nyer xpegi2 lg!)
+ holiday (kecil2an) @ pd
+ family trip to langkawi
+ went for spa treatment
+ start e-shopping via wmc
+ start movie-date again
+ watch zara's dev.. walk+teeth+talk+tantrum
+ had menstrual problem for 3-4mo.. alhamdulillah..all ok oredi
+ went to mines w0nderland
+ bought h0nda city


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