08 July 2008

xtau nak letak tajuk ape...??

warning!! this is a very looooong lame entry...beware of bored-ness!!

dah lamer tak mengapdet blog ni dgn citer2 psl yours truly ni eik... bz giler kat opis tu...
wahhhhhhh...last apdet yg psl plan2 ujung minggu tu... it was 2months ago!!.. ari tu punyer la bercadang nak update for every event tu...tp...hampehh!!... mane tak nye?? bz giler!!!.... almost every week ade je ari yg kene balik lmbt...

ok lah.. bg 'rumusan' je la eikk....

about work
mcm byk je nak citer.....KIV dl la yer...

about activities
other than work??.. hmmm kalo nak dikira dr last i apdet byk gak la bende yg aku buat.. alhamdulillah sumer yg i've plan last time went well... panjang sgt plk kalo nak citer kat sini.. but i manage to upload pic of some of d event... checkout my fot0pages..
other than those ape lg eikk??...hmmm... :
- we went balik kampung during the musim durian last month... lame giler xdpt menikmati durian... last year xde buah sgt... n kebetulan time i was berpantang.. remember aku kene gatal2 elergy tu? i suspect durian is 1 of the reason... any way, we went back on saturday.. but since just me,hubby n fifi.. not so meriah... kn durian ni kene ramai2... so,i just eat but not REALLY EAT... but still agak puas la..
we manage to balik penang oso... n i took EL on monday coz hubby got work in penang.. n manage to fullfill my CHARKUETIOW crave... yummmy..... we went back with full (satr1a) boot of LULIAN!!... n believe me n smell still melekat dlm keter tu till now!!


about me
me??... hmmm... i got some health problem lately... actually not literally 'sakit'... its just something that happen IRREGULARLY... even tho tak sakit tp i'm still concern psl 'penyakit' aku ni... it started lame dah.. since middle april... kuar tak stop2... tho tak byk tp still... it is not regular... so, what i do?? i went to doctor (klinik b4mz) a few times... the 1st time i went is after about 20 days its happen... the doc said it is caused by unstable hormon... she even detect(tru ultrasound scanning) a very small CYST inside me.. i was soooo afraid to know i have that thing.. but she said not to be worried... it is soo small n just fluid.. it will be resolve by taking hormon pills... so, she give me 'm4rvel0n'.. after a week, one day i feel soooo pening... nak berdiri pun xlalu.. i went back to the clinic but so happen its diff doctor... he suggest me to stop that pill n give me hormon pill n come again in 3-4days.. huishhh... panjang la plk citer ni... dipendekkan citer doc bam tu wat p4psme4r n said it was clean.. dia suggest aku jumpe balik my gynea, doc.sur1ati@pantai cher4s.. n suggest aku wat DNC.. u know ape tu?? its CUCI ur uterus!!..d same thing org buat if misscarriage!! .. so i went to pantai n explain to my gynea.. she said it is not a good solution... it will only stop it for a while but d problem it is still there.. she ask be to hang on n take d pill..
so, now i'm under treatment n my next appoinment will be by end of this month.. i can feel it getting better now... almost nothing kuar anymore.. hopefully everything goes well n i can be fully recovered... pray for me yeah... :)

mak iahh...rumusan amende nyer gini... ni blom abih lg ni....rase mcm byk lg nak citer tp desp surirumah dah nak start...esok2 plk la aku sambung yer...


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