21 July 2008

wishing on a star...

hahhhh...its time (again) where i am soooo bored till i dunno what to do...

tetibe teringat ari tu nani bebeh suggest to do a wishlist (alamak...tag nani xwat lg!! *hang head*) ... sajer2 wat list things yg aku teringin.. nnt biler ade duit(lebih) blh la beli... (or maybe ade org yg sudi nak sponsor...*wink*wink*)...

hmmm....ok... lets start... aper yer yg aku nak... (*garu dagu*)
..note: to whoever reading this: this list is just for fun.. its not that i'm not thankful for what i have now...
1. a nice not-so-big house(most probably a bunglow) with a modern contemporary kitchen cab n (walk-in)wardrobe n nice garden n lots of space for my kids to play.. n of coz with a (or maybe more) (good) maid to clean up n help me in d kitchen n my kids...
plus: big fridge n all those canggih2 home appliences ( home theater+BIG plasma tv.. or a 'bilik wayang' would be better... xyah susah2 g cinema dah... :p )

2. my own business.. dunno what yet.. but i dun want to makan-gaji anymore!!.. i want to be my own boss... so, that i can be with me kids most of d times... n make lots of (more) money!!... :p

3. a nice car with reg no. AHH 2703 (A1da Hasm1ra Hash1m - 2703:my b'day)... a h0nda j4zz would be good enuf.. :p (n kalo blh all my adik beradik get d same reg no. - AHH...:p)

4. a new phone.. pda or communicator would be better... heheh... with better camera n video quality... so that i can take my baby's pict whenever i want...

5. monthly or every 2 weeks visit to the spa... to pamper my self.. my ME-time... :)

6. twice (or more) a year family vacation... to everywhere!!!.. lets start with an umrah with my whole big family... insyaAllah... :)

7. new handbags... branded.. 9-west or coach maybe... hehehehe... with matching shoes... (dah mcm mak datin plk rase nyer... muahahhahh)

8. full collection of mun4warrah's tudung.... :p

ape lg eikk??... i think i'm kind of salah format dah ni... i'm supposed to list down barang2 yg specific yg i wish to have (with brand,type n price) ... ni bukan barang2 pun ade ni ape citer??... ni dah mcm lifetime punyer wishlist ni... in other word: agak impossible nak dpt...kalo blh pun not in 1-2 months/years to come la.. hahahah... hmmm... lantak la... bg yg xspecific dl... nnt dah jumpe yg betul2 nak aku wat entry lain... (or maybe i'm not d-material-girl type of person la kot... hehehe... :p)


  1. AHH2812 chupppp!!!!
    errrr..u keep mentioning kidS as in kid with S..how many in particular??coz more kids means more zara means UCHU TAK MAU JADI BIBIK DAH!!!!! but the "x yah g tgk wyg dah" i like..no baby sitting alone in the curve for me please..

  2. takpa yg AHH** i leh uruskan.. klu x dpt h0nda j4zz, h0nda k4pcai pon ok kot?? huhu

  3. Kakaka... not a material girl, but it seems that all your wishlist is pretty "material" to me.. hahaha. But u're right.. none of them are specific... lenkali boh specific items so that kalo aku ade cable memaner dpt murah aku leh saun n racun ko.. muahahahahaha >:D

  4. Btw.. biler nk laksanakan tag aku nehhh??? cis cis cis...

    p/s: Fifi... akak keciannn sgt bila dgr cite Fifi kene jadik bibik Zara sensorg... lenkali ckp la awal2.. bleh akak kasik Deena temankan Fifi skali.. pastu mama n abah Deena bleh tgk wyg ngn Kak Lang... muahahahahahahahaaa >:P

  5. cisss...bkomplot plak... :-L
    nk babysit bley..but bayar la..since i (will) hv degree in engeering,bayar pon ikut rate engineers la..hahahahaa(evil laugh...)

  6. Yeah but now u dont hv degree YET rite?? So no need lah kan kan kan? hehehe. And besides, u will have a degree in ENGINEERING not BIBIK-ING!!! So it doesnt count! muahahaha (and even bigger evil laugh!) >:P

  7. hahhahaaa....betul tu nani!!...

    ala fi... my KIDS(n k.nani's KIDS) kan comei2... sure u akan happy nyer jage diorg.... y dun u hire a bibik?? ...then u blh jdk CHEF BIBIK!!.... muahahhahah

    n yang...kijam nye... ingat kot nak upgrade jd h0nda acc0rd ke.. bmw 7series ke.... ni downgrade plk!!... :(



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