16 April 2008

fresh start

hello ppl!!
hehehe...see d date... 16 apr... i'm at my new place oredi!! yeay!!...

i'm still waiting for my task briefing... meanwhile my pm ask me to 'get use to d place'...

ye sgt la tu... dah naik boring dah aku ni arrr... dah abih bace online paper... dah bc blog.. email ape kan lg... 2 min dah siap.. bukan nye ape...xnak la nmpk 'ektip' sgt men'surfing' on my 1st day... bad imppression plk nnt kan??.... tp wat-to-do??... dah org bg 'peluang' utk me'lagha'... :p

ok..bout n new place...

i arrive quite early..8.20am.. tu pun sbb dok pusing2 kat roundabout dpn tu sbb xde parking.. i've been told by my pm earlier to park outside... so, lps park i went to d west wing.. wait for my pm... 30min after that br dia sampai.. i believe diorg ni mmg start kejer lmbt... (pls take note: can ONLY do this after a few weeks!!... >:) ) area buliding ni best...byk building2 lain kat sbelah2 ni.. parking pun byk tp sumer kene bayar.. td aku park je tepi jalan.. hopefully xkene saman...:D

9.10am i met my pm, d3rek.. we went to east wing n i apply my access card.. leceh betul ngan pak gad my4nmar ni.. then dah settle my pm bwk pusing2.... dia tunjuk recreational area... ade gym, pingpong, pool.. then gi level3 whr my work place... dia tunjuk surau n cafe... quite nice... n d pantry... n my cubical..agak jauh dr org lain n among those indian dev... n introduce to d other (yg bersangkutan je la).. luckly ade 2 org minah melayu yg under d same company as mine (jcm).. so ade la gengg...

hahhh...just came back from lunch... awl plk diorg ni kuar lunch.. n guess diorg bwk lunch kat mane??.. mal33 dengkil!!... u think its far??.. no la...10min je dr sini... diorg ni mmg rajin kuar lunch jauh2 kot... we went with all jcm staff... about 9 ppl... alhamdulillah.. they all ok.. all sporting... diorg xsangka i'm married n have dotter.. heheh (i look young huh??kembang jap...:p) so far ok la.. good start.. at least they ajak makan same2... working-style??... dunno yet... i'm still waiting for my briefing.. they all must be sooo bz sampai lupe i'm here...

xpe la.. while sumer org bz... i'll try to fill my time blogging... hehehe... i'm happy today!!... must be d new baju...new sandal.. :p


  1. kaklang keje kt white house eh ade west wing east wing??nway,mude la sangattt..anak kt nursery tu jgn lupe amik eh karang :p

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