18 April 2008

bz weekends ahead!!

check this out :

yup... we've got packed plan for this couple of month... thanx to a 'program' we signed up with.. we got those voucher n tickets for free!!...:D... really looking fwd to it.. dah lamer xber'choti2' mesia...

- 26/4: balik kg... haven't finalize yet.. tp might be jd la kot... yeop yg ajak..dia ade ape ntah kat skolah.. dia malas nak drive n naza r1a dia masuk woksyop.. so kitorg somehow jd mangsa la..:p anyway, xpe la...dah lame pun xbalik kg.. blh bwk balik kurma2 n sevinier yg mama nak bg kat my parents n mak/abah (from her umrah trip)..

- 29/4 : our aniversary.. no planning yet coz ari kerje... maybe will go for dinner.. (:wink..wink.. at hubby..: )

- 2/5-3/5: aniversary breakaway!!... manage to book a FREE room at pal4ce... :)
(actually a fren of mine mase zaman skolah rendah dl invite me to her wedding on this date... tp xdapek la nak pegi... maybe i can drop by mase balik kg next wiken.. sorry nany...)

- 10/5-11/5: pee-dee!!.. got an apartment with 2 rooms anc4sa at PD.... this one suppose to be during cuti skolah end of may si that can ajak my parents... but due to miss-com terpakse di'cepat'kan... we'll thinking to ajak mama n uncle.. or maybe my sisters.... see how la.. d more d marrier... :)

- 16/5 - 19/5: due to cuti panjang mak n abah nak dtg to our house... so, we'll plan to bring them to m1nes sbb ade tiket free.. n to pak su's house sbb abah nak pegi... :) (warning!: need to clean house n plan what to cook!!...-like last time..check here)

- 24/5-8/6 : cuti skolah... sure my parents dtg!!...yeay!!.. zara sure suke sbb xyah g skolah...opah jage!! :p

hmmm...so far tu je la kot yg betul2 plan nye... lg pun as of my briefing with my new management last 2 days, i cannot take leave till OCT (raya!!).. gile!!... 1 of d reason sbb i'm under probation.. hmmm... lntk la...aku amik EL je la if needed... oh n 1 more big event this year... my bro's wedding... plan lps raye... so,hopefully xde malasah nak apply cuti by then...

ok la... xleh nak lame2 sgt me'lagha' ni... kat blakang aku ni big-pm here... kang kene saun plk... btw, aku still xdpt ape2 assignment... rase mcm risau plk... r they expecting me to do something??... masalah nye nak buat ape??.. dah la nak install ape2 pun xleh kat pc ni..xde admin rights.. even nak install bende2 utk development pun xleh.. dah apply for admin rights tp leceh nak MAM!!... kene go tru mcm2 procedure... ni la payah nye company besar ni!!... i decided to use my own SLOW laptop... i have to la... cannot tahan with d restriction.. even still kene pakai thier 'screen' biler buat kejer but at least i can freely do what i want with my own pc... cume masalah nye laptop aku ni dah slow nak MAM!!... name je aku punyer tp isi dlm nye penuh dgn brg org lain esp RIZAL!... if u reading this,please cleanup ur things!! kak lang nak format pc ni by this wiken!!...



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