23 May 2007

r u sleeping...r u sleeping...

its only 10.30am n i oredi mengantuk!!... bosan giler i tell u!!... for d past 2days i have nothing to do... dah la boss pun xmasuk.. smalam lg la.. 'mamat-sissy' tu je yg ade.. so i can sorok2 lelapkan mata.. ari ni mamat yg lg sorang ni plk ade.. so line xbrape clear nak tido.. n for d whole day yesterday, i manage to watch 1 episode of grey's(full), house(tersekat2) n desp hvw (1/2 je sbb tersekat2 gak)... thanx to my sis yg introduce me to tv-v1de0.net... :)

so, ari ni i dunno what to do.. dah la my nani-bebeh pun xonline dr smalam... lg la 'mati-ketombe' aku dibuat nyer... beb!! mane ko ni????... hmmm...*thinking what to do today...* maybe i can list down list of ppl i would like to annouce of my baby birth later... :-?

anyway,.. talking about my baby.. i'm in my 37weeks oredi.. last week checkup was ok.. baby n mama sihat.. baby gain most of berat.. shes 2.8kg.. n mama 63.5kg.. naik skit je.. sumer bg kat baby je.. mmg my selera pun dah xsekuat dl dah.. n doc said my baby dah engaged dah.. 'alhamdulillah.. baby dok situ tau.. jgn pusing2 lg.. nnt senang nak kuar..' :p d position mmg pelik skit.. as i said in prev entry b0ntot dia kat my pusat... that explain why my perut look sooo big... its like my baby dok bersandar towards my belly.. sepatutnyer kedudukan dia tegak je(selari dgn kepala).. so,no wonder la perut aku ter'keluar' mcm ni.. :p n my perut start to get sooo itchy lately.. gatal giler!!.. nasib baik doc bg krim.. it help!..

ramai dah yg tanye biler aku nak start cuti (maybe sbb diorg tgk my ym status tu -anytime..soonn..-) .. i plan to work till i meletop!!.. coz i dun feel safe dok umah sorang2.. n kalo kat opis, nearer to my hubby n phone line pun better... n if anything happen, my hubby no need to balik umah dl.. just singgah amik aku n terus pecut ke hospital!!.. better strategy rite??.. hope so.. :) skarang pun i start to feel contraction(i think so la..) once in awhile.. d baby still active.. n yg paling aku raser berdebar is 'what will be my 1st petanda to go for labour?'.. will it be bleeding?? or water broke?? or contraction pain?? what ever it is, i just hope it will not be too painfull.. coz i afraid i will be too panic by then.. i want to remain calm till i selamat masuk labour room.. insyaAllah... *please pray for me ye..*

tp last friday we got not so good news la.. owner of d house nak balik umah tu.. hmmm.. something that me n hubby never tot of.. mula dia suh pindah by end of jun, but after hubby bg tau i'm going to beranak oredi, he give us time to discuss.. aiyooo... really not a good timing la!!.. thinking of MOVING!!.. d packing, d angkut brg, d house-hunting, all those cabinet,aircond n whatnot nak kene cabut n psg balik..!! dgn brg kat umah yg makin bertambah!!.. adoi!!.. y now??.. sabar je la.. n all this involve $$$... we plan to find house yg nearby our current house skarang.. dah selesa dok sini.. malas raser nyer nak pindah jauh2.. ari tu manage to talk to our agent, he said ade 1 umah at d end of our row tu.. but he have to confirm with d owner dl.. kalo dpt umah tu pun ok gak...dekat/senang nak pindah.. d big problem now is d timing la.. dgn aku nak bersalin ni n berpantang kat kg, saper nak packing?? i dun trust those 2 guys to do d packing.. nak xnak kene la tunggu aku abih pantang.. maybe middle august.. insyaAllah.. hopefully everything goes well by then..

anyway, d plan to do spring-cleaning last wiken still on!!.. k.milah came on sunday n now d house is ready to welcome my baby.. k.milah done a good job esp d toilet n tingkaps.. :p i manage to clear d kitchen n store room.. food ration (read:maggi n spagethi) pun dah ready.. tinggal nak iron baju for my hubby siap2 je..

ok laa.. nak sambung tgk greys jap.. ;)

p/s:- to whom it may concern: '... i really hope u'll not going outstation till i give birth.. tinggal lg 2-3 minggu je... please don't go... i dunno how to go tru that momment without u by my side.. i need u.. seriously...'


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