03 May 2007

1 year of happiness

alhamdulillah.. dah genap setahun kiter kawen.. raser sekejap je kan..??..

nothing much of celebration sbb bz with baby preparation... tp sempat gak la having spesel dinner kat f1,puch0ng.. tu pun lepas mak n abah tanyer 'xg mkn kat luar ke?' hehehhe...:p



what i treasure most about the celebration is how we went tru d time remembering what had happen exactly 1 year ago.. remember this?

..on our back frm ur frens wedding @shangr1la..
him: jam ni cepat beberapa minit kan? (looking at jam keter :12:08am)
her: haah..apsal? nak wish eikk?.. kene tunggu pkl 10pg br blh.. (that was d time he 'officially' sah as my hubby a.k.a lps akad nikah..) :p

him: nak kene tunggu pkl 10am gak ke?
her: errr... mcm lmbt sgt lg la.. skarang pu
n blh la.. :p
him: happy aniversary... (he kiss my hand..)
her: happy aniversary... (kiss him back...dah lama we din do this hand-kissing-in-d-car..)

i actually plan to give him a present... something that he
need.. but xde mase nak gi beli.. nnt la yer yang.. oh..yes.. i did receive a rose.. tu pun i yg mintak!.. mase kat wedding his fren tu.. ade byk fresh flowers.. he cilok 1 n give me n said 'nah.. hadiah aniversary...' :p

bunge dah layu..:p

ok la... maybe next time we have a proper aniversary celebration.. with our little-precious-one of coz.. :) dunno what else to say...i have said most of everything 'that nite'... n i really mean it.. (thats y i was crying..)

may Allah bless our marriage till death do us part...

awk 'pelengkap' hidup sy....

1 year ago...


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