20 April 2007

8th month

alhamdulillah... i'm in my 8th month oredi... mama n baby sihat... just abah dier je yg sakit mcm2 lately... :p my baby getting bigger n bigger... biler scan nmpk mcm sempit je dah ruang kat dlm tu... but it doesn't stop her/him from doing all those summersault n kicking... tp can feel that pergerakan dia makin slow-motion.. but sometimes kuat sgt... i wish i can see my baby sucking her/his thumb mase scanning dis wiken... sure cute kan??... :p

lately slalu raser uncomfortable... mane tak nyer...badan dah berat sgt!!... esp mase laying down... serba tak kene!!...nak terlentang, kang tertekan plk vessel2 kat dlm perut ni... nak mengiring pun xselesa gak... siap kene 'lapik' perut ngan bantal br ok skit... tp once nak pusing ke lain..adohaiiii... sakit nyer....:( then kalo dah duduk atas lantai(or carpet) tu..punyer la payah nak bangun... terkangkang2 aku!!... mase smayang jgn ckp la.. nak terjatuh2 pun ade.. dah tak stabil... anyway, i'm trying my best to becarefull most of d time... insyaAllah.. :) one more thing... i can feel a very 'strong-preassure' on my pelvis bone area... maybe sbb berat sgt... so,dia menekan ke bawah.. esp biler bangun dr duduk/baring yg lamer...

my kaki oso start to bengkak all d time...!!... dah mcm kaki gajah kkdg tu... :p slipper HP (yg nyanyah bg) tu pun kkdg xleh nak masuk (even size nyer bigger than my normal slipper) ... tp aper2 pun alhamdulillah la... i'm still sihat.. xde simptom2 yg xelok.. coz i read somewhere yg during 3rd trimester ni, mom will sometimes having d same simptom mase 1st tri dulu..mcm mual n xlalu mkn etc.... me??makan?? huhuuh...give me anything!! i can eat for sure!! ...hahhaha.. :))

ok la...starting this week i need to get myself bz to do some important preparation b4 my baby 'check-out' from 'hotel mama'.. :p ...hey!! it can happen anytime soon tau!!... actually i'm starting to feel scared oredi... u know scared of what la.. LABOUR PAIN!!... but i try not to think too much on that... i focus more on what will happen AFTER 'that'... :p everytime i feel takut, i will tell myself that 'if my mom can deliver 5 child AT HOME without any problem and all membesar dgn sihat nyer!! why not ME??? ...' :)

for a start, dis wiken me n hubby will go for baby stuff shopping.. heres d list.. we plan to buy brg2 yg penting je dulu... like baju n nappy.. brg2 lain yg besar2 mcm crib n stroller will be later kot... lg pun my SIL offer us some of baby ria nyer brg2 like play pen, baby bath tub n basket.. thanx yong!!..;) ..
(For baby)
- baby shirts
- jumpsuits
- baby long sleeve
- baby long pants
- towels
- 7 pairs mitten & socks
- benkung baby
- lampin
- baby blanket (with hood)
- toiletries (+baby oil)
- new born diapers
- baby traveling bag /diapers bag
- baby sling (KIV)
- waterproof changing mat
- small bottles n nipples
- bottle brush
- nappy detergent
- baby wipes
- baby bath tub (got it!)
- bottle warmer
- flask/thermos
- kelambu baby
- face towel

(For Me)
. Breast Pump (manual n letrik)
. Nipple cream (consult from doctor)
. Nursing Pad (100% cotton washable & disposable) (KIV)
. Maternity Pad
. Disposable panties
. Nursing bras
. kain batik
**list ni disediakan dgn bantuan org2 yg dah ade experience...:p

next on d 'what-to-do-list' :
- pack brg utk bwk gi hospital... kene letak siap2 dlm keter.. incase nnt senang, terus jalan je!!..
- konfem with my mum psl confinement.. dunno yet she ok or not for me to stay kat kg 3-4 weeks je.. then sambung kat kl.. (i kesian kat mr hubby nnt kene tinggal lamer2...hehhe..:p)
- thinking to go back hometown laa this coming 1-2 week..i miss my mum!!... n i nak gi mkn aper2 yg i cannot eat later during confinement!!... muaahhahaha... :p
- check who's coming to d hospital mase i deliver nnt... n list of ppl to tell n good news later.. :p
- prepare d house... clean.. susun barang2... food/ration for mr hubby n rizal nnt.. (thinking to ask somebody else to help me to do d 'spring cleaning' ni..)
- plan what to do after deliver...

- stock up my drama series collection, so that i will not buhsan time confinement nnt...(saper2 yg ade koleksi drama best2 tu sila hubungi sy yer...nak pinjam...:D)
- prepare physically(excersice) and mentally for d labour!!...

fuhhhh...byk tu nak kene buat.. n i got like 8 weeks to do all this... sempat ke?? : wish me luck ppl!!...


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