24 April 2007


i have no mood to write an entry.. i dun even plan to write one.. but its late..n i'm still waiting for mr hubby in my ofis.. alone.. yup..he got that stupid meeting again!!.. not his fault actually... its d damn sellfish boss.. ade ke tangguh meeting near 7pm then dier kuar (kejap la konon) n suh diorg tunggu dier to come back n continue d meeting???.. sellfish ke tak namer nyer tu?? adil ke tak?? eiiiiiiiiiii... geram nyer aku!!!... dah pkl 8pm++ ni tau!!.. dah la sorang2 kat opis ni.. buat nyer aku nak sakit nak terberanak satg mcm mane?? saper nak tlg???


nak call my mum jap la...
15min later... mama ckp:
1. better basuj baju2 baby tu
2. she made 5 bengkung for baby (big size).. need to buy more small size bengkung
3. if we all balik ramai2, she wanna do doa slamat skit nnt for me

just called rizal... diorg br nak sambung meeting!!.. ya Allah..ntah pkl brape la plk tu nak abih!!..

hmmm.. anyway, i got afew things need to be done within this week..
1. bank in duit derma to mama's acct
2. beli remaining brg2 baby (list in prev. entry)
3. basuh baju2, lampin n bengkung baby
4. pack things to bring to hospital (eh?what to wear mase nak g ospital nnt arrr???)
5. buy present for aniversary (yup... this sunday going to be our 1st year wedding aniversary!!)

lapar la.... i HATE waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.. esp when i'm hungry!!!!!!!!!

hmm...panjang umur.. abih pun meeting..

20 April 2007

8th month

alhamdulillah... i'm in my 8th month oredi... mama n baby sihat... just abah dier je yg sakit mcm2 lately... :p my baby getting bigger n bigger... biler scan nmpk mcm sempit je dah ruang kat dlm tu... but it doesn't stop her/him from doing all those summersault n kicking... tp can feel that pergerakan dia makin slow-motion.. but sometimes kuat sgt... i wish i can see my baby sucking her/his thumb mase scanning dis wiken... sure cute kan??... :p

lately slalu raser uncomfortable... mane tak nyer...badan dah berat sgt!!... esp mase laying down... serba tak kene!!...nak terlentang, kang tertekan plk vessel2 kat dlm perut ni... nak mengiring pun xselesa gak... siap kene 'lapik' perut ngan bantal br ok skit... tp once nak pusing ke lain..adohaiiii... sakit nyer....:( then kalo dah duduk atas lantai(or carpet) tu..punyer la payah nak bangun... terkangkang2 aku!!... mase smayang jgn ckp la.. nak terjatuh2 pun ade.. dah tak stabil... anyway, i'm trying my best to becarefull most of d time... insyaAllah.. :) one more thing... i can feel a very 'strong-preassure' on my pelvis bone area... maybe sbb berat sgt... so,dia menekan ke bawah.. esp biler bangun dr duduk/baring yg lamer...

my kaki oso start to bengkak all d time...!!... dah mcm kaki gajah kkdg tu... :p slipper HP (yg nyanyah bg) tu pun kkdg xleh nak masuk (even size nyer bigger than my normal slipper) ... tp aper2 pun alhamdulillah la... i'm still sihat.. xde simptom2 yg xelok.. coz i read somewhere yg during 3rd trimester ni, mom will sometimes having d same simptom mase 1st tri dulu..mcm mual n xlalu mkn etc.... me??makan?? huhuuh...give me anything!! i can eat for sure!! ...hahhaha.. :))

ok la...starting this week i need to get myself bz to do some important preparation b4 my baby 'check-out' from 'hotel mama'.. :p ...hey!! it can happen anytime soon tau!!... actually i'm starting to feel scared oredi... u know scared of what la.. LABOUR PAIN!!... but i try not to think too much on that... i focus more on what will happen AFTER 'that'... :p everytime i feel takut, i will tell myself that 'if my mom can deliver 5 child AT HOME without any problem and all membesar dgn sihat nyer!! why not ME??? ...' :)

for a start, dis wiken me n hubby will go for baby stuff shopping.. heres d list.. we plan to buy brg2 yg penting je dulu... like baju n nappy.. brg2 lain yg besar2 mcm crib n stroller will be later kot... lg pun my SIL offer us some of baby ria nyer brg2 like play pen, baby bath tub n basket.. thanx yong!!..;) ..
(For baby)
- baby shirts
- jumpsuits
- baby long sleeve
- baby long pants
- towels
- 7 pairs mitten & socks
- benkung baby
- lampin
- baby blanket (with hood)
- toiletries (+baby oil)
- new born diapers
- baby traveling bag /diapers bag
- baby sling (KIV)
- waterproof changing mat
- small bottles n nipples
- bottle brush
- nappy detergent
- baby wipes
- baby bath tub (got it!)
- bottle warmer
- flask/thermos
- kelambu baby
- face towel

(For Me)
. Breast Pump (manual n letrik)
. Nipple cream (consult from doctor)
. Nursing Pad (100% cotton washable & disposable) (KIV)
. Maternity Pad
. Disposable panties
. Nursing bras
. kain batik
**list ni disediakan dgn bantuan org2 yg dah ade experience...:p

next on d 'what-to-do-list' :
- pack brg utk bwk gi hospital... kene letak siap2 dlm keter.. incase nnt senang, terus jalan je!!..
- konfem with my mum psl confinement.. dunno yet she ok or not for me to stay kat kg 3-4 weeks je.. then sambung kat kl.. (i kesian kat mr hubby nnt kene tinggal lamer2...hehhe..:p)
- thinking to go back hometown laa this coming 1-2 week..i miss my mum!!... n i nak gi mkn aper2 yg i cannot eat later during confinement!!... muaahhahaha... :p
- check who's coming to d hospital mase i deliver nnt... n list of ppl to tell n good news later.. :p
- prepare d house... clean.. susun barang2... food/ration for mr hubby n rizal nnt.. (thinking to ask somebody else to help me to do d 'spring cleaning' ni..)
- plan what to do after deliver...

- stock up my drama series collection, so that i will not buhsan time confinement nnt...(saper2 yg ade koleksi drama best2 tu sila hubungi sy yer...nak pinjam...:D)
- prepare physically(excersice) and mentally for d labour!!...

fuhhhh...byk tu nak kene buat.. n i got like 8 weeks to do all this... sempat ke?? : wish me luck ppl!!...

19 April 2007



yeeehaaaaa!!....yup..i'm back... dah bersawang dah blog ni... ish3.... ok la.. time to updet.. (cehhh.. yoyo-an je... mcm la ade org nak bc blog ni.. except yg 'sorang' tu la kan.. :p)

so,where was i???... ok..d week after my b'day... quite bz with work during weekdays.. but on that thursday mr hubby bg tau that his plan to celebrate my birthday might happen wiken tu.. (patut nyer wiken lps tp 'fully-book'..) .. mlm tu while sembang2, i manage to korek2 what actually his plan is.. dgn bijaksane nyer aku dpt teka!!.. its a breakaway trip to bkt.t1nggi,gent1ng!!!... yiiipppiee!!... he already book a room at c0lmar tr0picale... (using mama's berj4ya membership card..dpt murah..:p) by friday tu, i got plan siap2 dah about what to eat/cook... well u know me la.. tho mr hubby said xpayah but i insist gak.. :p n i have to cancel our attendance to baby r1a 1st b'day party on saturday.. sorry sayang.. next time mak lang dtg k.. ;)
(friday nite tu sempat gi join tgk mr hubby n opismet main b0wling kat summ1t.. :))

come saturday, lps subuh lg aku dah klung-klang kat dapur... masak nasik lomak!!.. hehhehe.. tu utk bekal satg.. n i cook pancake for brekfes... by 10.30am kuar umah... gi panta1 cheras dl.. its our normal checkup.. well.. baby is fine.. alhamdulillah.. berat baby dah 1.7kg... berat mama dia dah 60.5kg!!! (my god...berat nyer aku!!..) n my lil precious ni punyer la baik mase scanning.... senyap je dia... pd hal kalo time2 tgh active tu, adoiii... xpe la sayang... mama bukan marah... just too happy to see u getting bigger n sihat... :) mama kene ATT shot.. sakit la... :

pkl 12 br settle... terus gerak up to gent1ng... cuaca panas sgt that day... we arrive at d c0lmar almost 2pm.. bilik blom ready.. so, we go rabbit farm 1st.. since last time mase dtg bkt.t1nggi (time bujang) xsempat nak dtg sini... memandangkan perut dah lapar.. n we got food... n we saw got 1 family picnic kat tepi car park tu.. so,we join... bentang picnic mat n makan!!! (it's our 1st ever picnic togather..heheh..:p ).. lps tu baru masuk tgk rabbit.. nothing much to do oso... amik2 gambar then blah.. terus check in n lepak dlm bilik... tak sampai sejam dok dlm bilik yg beraircond tu, i started to feel tak sihat oredi.. flu n sore throat.. maybe sbb kat luar td panas sgt... ni dlm bilik sejuk plk.. lps lepak2 n rest, petang tu ronda2 kat luar tu.. ramai gak org.. n it started to rain... mlm after magrib we went out for dinner.. special dinner i would say.. we order carbonara n fritters.. not bad.. sbb tekak pun xbraper sihat... then kat tgh2 tu ade game utk budak2.. so lps dinner we lepak there kejap.. its fun!!... :)

our picnic 'basket'..
me n mr hubby at rabbit farm.. :)
...more pict. here...

sunday... since we din get free breakfes, so wake up late lo.. nasib baik ade bwk bread n tuna for brekfes.. pkl 1 check out... buy some sevinier... on d way tu singgah mcD beli pie.. lapar la.. :p we headed terus ke dewan perd4na to attend mr hubby's tok su son wedding.. mak ndak family n p.lang was there too.. enjoy a very nice (free) lunch... then antar p.lang to pudu... then balik... tidoooo...

... a very relaxfull wikennnn ..... thanx yang for d trip... love u soooOOo much.. :)

ok.. enuf bout my another babymoon... last week updet??.. hmmm... menyedihkan!!..disebabkan project celc0m tu nak launch on monday, i was working on saturday.. n sunday tu ALMOST kene kejer gak!!.. dah sampai opis br boss ckp xpayah dtg... so,terus call hubby n go else where.. yup..weekly-grocerries-shopping @ tesc0 n visit mama... :) tp lega skit la since boss bg kelonggaran for me to not stay late at nite... diorg ni sumer kene balik pagi.. like mase aku wat project atm dl... ye la... xkan nak mak buyong yg mcm dah nak meletop ni stay gak!!.. i need rest ok!!... d site is up.. u can visit here www.channelx.com.my (cehh..promote plk!!..:p) kalo ade aper2 error tu senyap2 je la ye.. tp kalo nak puji tu,silakan... :) penat tau buat ni...:p

anyway, i manage to cook cucur n bolognese tuna on saturday... n sunday, ayam masak lemak + sambal potato+ikan bilis(1st attemp)... :) ..no pict tho... :

err... ok la...should stop now... dis wiken got another checkup... yeay!!.. can see my baby... :) n best thing is we're gonna go shopping for baby stuff dis wiken!!... we got voucher from parks0n (redeem from hsbc points.. :p )

p/s: lately rajin gak tgk brg kat lel0ng.c0m.. n i bought dis.. digital thermometer.. very usefull esp biler ade baby nnt...;)

12 April 2007



alahai...kesian nye la blog aku nih....dah lamer bebenor tak di apdetkan... nnt la yer... bz la minggu ni... project celc0m ni dah nak launch!!!...

this story coming sooonnn..... tungguuuuuuuuuuuuuuu....

02 April 2007

a wish come true..

alhamdulillah.... 1st of all, i would like to say thanx to Allah... dgn limpah kurniaNya dpt aku menyambut setahun lg hari lahirku... dan semoga akan terus dipanjangkan usiaku ini dengan penuh keredhaanNya dan agar aku tidak pernah alpa utk bersyukur dgn setiap rezeki yg diberikan... amin.... :)

alhamdulillah jgk sbb i got my wish come true... tho not all, but at least i got something i never thot of... ok.. ni summary of what i got:

1. on d day it self... i took EL.. i send sms to my boss, saying i got something else to do... then me n hubby off to melaka.. he got to do outstation.. so,i just follow.. dunno what to do yet... arrive melaka almost 12pm.. lepak at melaka ofis... surf d net while hubby do some work/meeting... then around 1.30 we went out for lunch.. diorg bwk g kedai kari kpala ikan.. i dunno where... but melaka kari is a bit diff la from my normal kari... kari depa mcm asam pedas skit.. but d taste is not bad n we had a very nice air tebu too!!... :p

later on, we went back to ofis.. i cont surfing n i just found out a good fren of mine from uni-days is staying near by d ofis... actually bukan staying la.. shes in m4ktab perguruan mel4ka, amik kpl1... so, i pinjam hubby's car n go meet my fren,k.anis... :) lama giler tak jumpe... we chat until around 5.30.. and i tumpang smayang there...

around 7.30pm, hubby finish work.. n we went to pernu,umbai... yeay!!.. we had thier famous ikan bakar n sotong goreng tepung n udang sweet-sour!!... xabis pun mkn... order byk giler!! tamak!... hehehhe... murah la.... order mcm tu br rm40... thanx yang for d dinner... ;)
d sotong, udang,ikan bakar, me n hubby...bad lighting laa...sorry...:p

2. d next best thing is, i got a suprise dinner from my bestest-frens!!!.. last friday after work, hubby pick me as usual... d whole day i give him hint2... asking for cheese cake n maybe a special dinner(again)... :p when i ask him whr to dinner, he just senyap... pusing2 bank dl.. then he drive towards band4r puter1 area... hmmm... i wonder whr hes taking me... we end up masuk pizza uno... then only i saw muka2-yg-mcm-ku-kenal!!... hahaha... there was nani, ika, rafiq, nyanyah n rizal!!!... wahhh!!!....suprise2!!!.. sungguh takkusangka!!... :p

we had a very nice dinner.. d food is excellent.. i ordered carbonara...sedap!!..thier calzone, fish steak n a few more other food pun sedap2!!!... :) then i got my dream-come-true-cheese cake!!!... yippie!!! ... thanx beb!!... i'm soooooo excited!!! ... best nyer dpt celebret birthday with best frens n love ones... this is a very pleasent suprise and very d touching one... :p
ika,me,nani,rafiq,hubby,nyanyah n rizal...thanx guys!!...:)

yummy2 cheese cake....!!...love it!!

i oso got lots of b'day wishes.. even from some ppl that i never tot i will get from... :p
1. face-2-face - hubby, nyanyah, rizal
2. frm sms - aza, mama, abah, yong(+ yeop,arif n ria), safia, nerine, fari, nazri(jeff), mama rd n mak (+ abah n dinie)...
3. phone call - fifi, nad, nani, hidayah
4. ym/frenster - ika, william, along, melinda, saufi, sueta...
thanx ppl for ur tot n wishes!!!... sorry la kalo ade yg tertinggal.. :p

n last but not least.. i got a very good news from my company... they're giving me 1x% increament!!!... alhamdulillah... bu i can sense thier 'cuak-ness' of me leaving this company!!... tu pasal la bg inccreament la ape la... lantak korang la... when i think (n got d oppurtunity) i'm going... i will go... i dun care!!!.. thanx anyway... :p

anyway, i oso got some bad news n spoilers during my b'day week...
1. i din get tru for my bank-kpale-rimau intvw...
2. my boss seems not happy i'm taking EL that day... he is soooo kecoh to ask us to do testing... n somemore d another guy oso take half-day... so what?? i was in melaka oredi that time n it is just a testing!!! not that u cannot do it urself!!!... i hate him!!!...

ok... dah la... got to start work... its monday ppl!!!... malasnyer nak wat kejer!!!...

p/s: i manage to cook roti jala + kari ayam during wiken!!!... penat aku menjala... tp luper plk nak amik gambo....

note to nani-bebeh... nnt send me d dinner pict yer...thanx...;)

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