26 March 2007


during advance-birthday party @ office last week..:)

its monday again... last 2 days was not-so-relax wiken for me n hubby.. we went for his company friendly futsal game @ ampang on saturday... i met a long lost fren there.. a fren during uni-days.. and yesterday, we have our regular visit to mama's house..had lunch there... then we went to m1dVly... for sopping!!! yippie!!!... dah lamer xg soping ngan hubby.. last time i think was mase soping cari brg2 hantaran kawen... wow!!a year ago!! penat gak la... jalan xlama pun... tp kaki lenguh giler... still can feel d pain.. ni kalo dpt gi spa/massage ni sure best... ;;)

hmmm... my birthday is coming (read:its TOMORROW!!) .. and somebody sibuk suruh i put my wishlist here (coz he can't think of any good bitrhday present to give me...:p).. so, here it goes..

* lots of money!!! heheheh...sgt2 preferable...
* shopping treatment!! ..(again??) yes!!!..:)
* a relaxing trip to anywhere...(no need to be too far coz i dun wan to waste time on d road)
* spa or massage(Pregnancy Relaxing Massage) or at least a manicure/pedicure..:) (http://www.dewisrispa.com.my or http://www.veqish.com/ or www.jentayuspa.com.my or mane2 la
* errr.... suprise me!!!... :p

see... nothing in my list is a 'materially' (ade ke word ni??) things... i dun think i need jewellry...or speaker..or a playstation..no!!no!!no!!... thats y i prefer money.. coz i couldn't think of what i want to have at d momment... but if any of u can think of anything GOOD for me, that would be a very pleasant suprise...i LOOOVE suprises!!!... :)

anyway, a special birthday dinner is a must ye yang..;;) n i'm thinking to take leave tomorow... dunno yet what to do, but for sure i dun want to spend my birthday in this OFFICE!! a big NO-NO!!... but 1st, let me finish my work so that i can have a relaxfull-body-n-mind 'holiday' tomorrow... :)


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