26 March 2007



during advance-birthday party @ office last week..:)

its monday again... last 2 days was not-so-relax wiken for me n hubby.. we went for his company friendly futsal game @ ampang on saturday... i met a long lost fren there.. a fren during uni-days.. and yesterday, we have our regular visit to mama's house..had lunch there... then we went to m1dVly... for sopping!!! yippie!!!... dah lamer xg soping ngan hubby.. last time i think was mase soping cari brg2 hantaran kawen... wow!!a year ago!! penat gak la... jalan xlama pun... tp kaki lenguh giler... still can feel d pain.. ni kalo dpt gi spa/massage ni sure best... ;;)

hmmm... my birthday is coming (read:its TOMORROW!!) .. and somebody sibuk suruh i put my wishlist here (coz he can't think of any good bitrhday present to give me...:p).. so, here it goes..

* lots of money!!! heheheh...sgt2 preferable...
* shopping treatment!! ..(again??) yes!!!..:)
* a relaxing trip to anywhere...(no need to be too far coz i dun wan to waste time on d road)
* spa or massage(Pregnancy Relaxing Massage) or at least a manicure/pedicure..:) (http://www.dewisrispa.com.my or http://www.veqish.com/ or www.jentayuspa.com.my or mane2 la
* errr.... suprise me!!!... :p

see... nothing in my list is a 'materially' (ade ke word ni??) things... i dun think i need jewellry...or speaker..or a playstation..no!!no!!no!!... thats y i prefer money.. coz i couldn't think of what i want to have at d momment... but if any of u can think of anything GOOD for me, that would be a very pleasant suprise...i LOOOVE suprises!!!... :)

anyway, a special birthday dinner is a must ye yang..;;) n i'm thinking to take leave tomorow... dunno yet what to do, but for sure i dun want to spend my birthday in this OFFICE!! a big NO-NO!!... but 1st, let me finish my work so that i can have a relaxfull-body-n-mind 'holiday' tomorrow... :)

23 March 2007

12 weeks to go!!!


me in my mum maternity dress...she wear this masa pregnantkan my sister yg dah berumur 20thn!! :p

alhamdulillah...i'm in my 3rd trimester dah... so far so good...here what i'm going tru:
- current berat: 58.5kg
- ukur lilit perut : 36.5cm
- no leg cramp...
- not much strechmark(yet)...
- kaki bengkak once in a while...
- constipation sometimes..i try to take banana almost everyday to overcome this problem...
- pinggang dah kurang sakit.. unless mase tido... memang dah payah sgt nak bergerak mase baring skarang ni... n very hard to make sure i lay on my left side as recommended by experts.. yelah.. xkan la nak baring in d same position all night long..lenguh oOooo....
- fatigue.. biase la.. i try not to naik-turun tangga too much.. sometimes bercakap oso can make me fenat..
- makan!!...huhuhuhu... non stop beb!!.. kecuali time tido la... n i make sure i drink plain water a lot... milk once a day...
- baby movement... masyaAllah... s(he)s been 'dancing' a lot lately!!... kalo dibuat time active nyer tu.. sakit mama tau sayang... tapi xper la.. at least i know u r ok.. :) i'm a bit concern now sbb i still can't get d 'patern' of her/his movement... i mean biler time dia active??... what make her/him active??... :-? tp alhamdulillah,time mama tido, baby pun tido gak.. :)

i should start doing excersice oredi now huh...??....

anyway..this what d expert has to say.. from here http://www.pregnancyweekly.com

Third Trimester

While your weight gain is slowing, your baby's is still at full throttle. But your baby isn't moving around much anymore. Other than positioning themselves for birth, they're not going to do too much moving around towards the end of this trimester. What they will be doing is shedding (and eating some of) the lanugo and vernix that have been blanketing them, while their lungs and brain are racing toward maturity. Their immune system is still immature, though. Your placenta, and later your breast milk, provide needed antibodies. Your baby's sight has improved: they can now track movement and differentiate between light and dark. Thanks to this development, they're now on a regular sleep cycle. Don't count on that lasting too long after birth. You are at your most voluptuous.

Though you are not gaining much more weight, your bra size is through the roof. Your baby's size is impressive as well, and that is making it tough to sleep and unwise to stay too far from the bathroom. Those trips to the bathroom may now involve waddling. Relaxin, one of those hormones running rampant through your system, softens your hip joints, and your belly has begun throwing your posture into a swayback curve, which, if unchecked, will intensify your backaches. The aching and waddling will end soon enough, though. Labor generally occurs naturally before week 42. Ideally, it lasts for between 11 and 15 hours.

By your due date, your baby will, if average, weigh about seven and a half pounds, measure about twenty inches from head to toe, and be the most beautiful little person you will ever meet.

22 March 2007

3rd trimester dah..


i was typing for sooo long entry td when suddenly my pc hang on me!!!.. geram nyer!!... penat nyer nak kene type balik... nasib baik la i got plenty of time toe-type this... thursday maaa... hubby's dept. meeting... so,expected to balik lmbt lo... ok2..recall balik ape aku dah type td...

d bank-kpala-rimau intvw
me n hubby took leave last tuesday.. my lovely hubby dgn rela hati nyer sanggup amik cuti n wait for me for my >2hours intvw... thanx yang... muahhhhhhh... :) d intvw went well.. but i got some issue with d salary they offering me.. not as much as i expected.. but still consider la coz d benefits is very good... as expected, not much technical question.. after almost 45min intvw, got 1hour iq test... actually soalan2 dia quite ok la.. just that byk sgt!!... xsempat nak siap.. got 3sect. ..i only manage to finish sect. A n B.. sect C tu math test.. sempat jawab 5 soalan je.. dah kene panggil.. so, as i planned.. d rest... TEMBAK la!!!..muahahha.. :p
almost 12am br aku turun.. disambut dengan senyuman mr hubby.. ilang sumer tension2 kat atas tu td.. :) i settle some a-es-bi things kat bank kat bawah tu jap sambil citer2 kat hubby what happen td... then we went to a few other places.. drop by f0rmis - hubby sent some doc to his fren.. then g hsbc bkt b1ntang - closed my saving acct coz they charged me rm5 everymonth!!... singgah lunch @ kedai bawah pokok,sri ptlg (neslo ice kat sini superb beb!!!).. balik umah, smayang jap.. then gi st@ndchart n ambank n hsbc puch0ng - hubby settle cc things.. next, bsn - buy sijil premium yg abah suh wat dr rayer dl xwat2 lg...:p then only balik rumah n rest... haaa... sumer jenis bank kitorg pegi ari ni...hehehhe...:p

over d weekend
went to baby checkup @ panta1 chera5...alhamdulillah... baby sihat.. during baby scanning, s(he) doesn't move soo much like last time.. baik la tu.. siap tengok kat 'lense' lg tu... hamboi2.. anak mama ni.. dlm perut pun dah fotogenic ye... :p s(he)s getting bigger oso.. last time can see d whole baby in d screen, but this time cannot fit oredi... berat pun dah naik byk.. from 800gm to 1.3kg now.. mama plk kene check darah.. nasib baik la tak sakit mase amik darah tu.. penakut gak aku ni pun... :p next follow up will be another 3weeks.. since dah 3rd trimester ni, kene la checkup every 2 weeks.. nnt dah 9th month every week plk.. b4 balik tu sempat pekena tosai kat kedai yindia kat hospital tu.. last time hubby pernah pi ngan tokba mase dia sihat2 dl.. :)

after asar we went to m1dvly... today(17 mac) is rizal's birthday.. so,nyanyah nak blanjer makan kat chill1's.. heheh... makan sampai tegang perut...:p we ordered steak n fish n chip.. siap ade choc brownies w ice cweam lg..yummyyy!!!... i got advanced b'day present lg tau!!.. a maternity blouse.. yippie!!... thanx nyah... :) hubby pun dpt belated b'day present.. colared t-shirt.. rizal dpt kemeja n kasut kerje... :) by 8pm kitorg balik dah sbb nak tgk konsert a-ef (yg tersangatlah HAMPEH!!!)..

yg diraikan

nyanyah n rizal

mlm tu got msg from mama saying pak chu baru dpt baby boy... alhamdulillah... bertambah lg kazen aku tahun nih... :)

just stay at home n rest... sempat gak la aku masak cucur jagung for brekfes.. lunch - ayam masak merah + ikan steam (1st attemp - kuah ok tp ikan nyer too hanyir oredi..) for tea time, i cook kuih seri muka..1st attempt gak.. taste ok gak la.. tp 'kpale' dia kureng skit.. aku hentam je tu.. nnt improvekan lg... :)

yeay!!...hubby dah abih meeting... time to makan n go back!!!... nnt la sambung lg.. ade a few lg bende nak citer...like:
- my 3rd trimester
- baby stuff to buy
- my birthday coming.. so, nak wat wishlist!!...hahahah....

ni nasik lemak aku masak pg td...home made ok!!..i purposely pack cantik2 mcm tu...

my latest pict..perut dah berkembang 4-5inch since last time!!

16 March 2007

3 y.e.a.r.s of LOVE :)

eh..eh... yesterday was our 3years aniversary of berchenta la.... heheheh...yup...15 march it is... raser mcm baru je kenal awak...

i still remember how d 1st time u ask me wether we can proceed to 'another level' of not just being just-fren...
i still remember how we celebrate our 1st aniversary... siap amik cuti tu... heheheh...:p
i still remember we wish each other 'happy aniversary' every month after that.. (now no more...)
i still remember how we used to have a 'fixed-date' when u still staying in puncak utama.. dinner every wednesday.. and went out every weekend..
i still remember d 1st time i invite u to my house...
i still remember d 1st present i give u n d 1st present u give me for our b'day...
i still remember when we sanggup go dating far2..drive me ronda2 kl... dulu stakat klcc tu xde masalah la..skarang ni klcc tu rase jauh giler!!! hahahah...
.... do u still remember?? ....

hmmmm....soo many sweet memories we have..tho some of it we din do anymore... i miss all of it... best nyer zaman berchenta eikk??... :p

and many more years to come!!!...;)

14 March 2007


dah 2 minggu tak updet eikk...xla bz sgt actually.. tp last week slalu balik awal(skit)... so,like no time to updet.. n right now...i am SOoooOOo sLeeppYyyy.. td dah terlelap dlm surau pun still sleepy gak... perut kenyang... lg pun ari nak ujan... heaven nye kalo dpt tido kat atas my katil... (and ade org temankan..:p)

ok...heres quick recap what happen last 2 weeks...
1. saturday tu just stay @ home coz hubby need to go kl...w0rk!!... i manage to cook popia goreng since bahan2 ari tu ada lg.. n petang tu sempat vacuum d hall... sakit gak pinggang.. dah lame xvacuum sendiri.. slalu mr hubby yg buat... :) senja tu we went to summit to pickup our new spec... hehehe... terang benderang rase dunia dgn spec baru ni... :p hubby said i look like 'nyonya mansur'... :p we had dinner @ g0ld chilli3s,u5j.. rizal blanje.. as usual, we order thier yummy milky prawn... lazat giler!!!...:)
d homemade popia goreng n our new spec... :)
2. d antenatal class - its was sunday 4/3... alhamdulillah.. we learn quite a lot... d preggie phase... after labour process.. epidural.. how to br3astfeed n mandikan baby.. etc... fud not bad esp d kuih muih..:) but not as good as those antenatal class @ d3Mc... i just found that its cheaper there.. n d class held@ a hotel n d food is soooooo nice.. hotel fud maaa... hmmm...xpe la..dah lepas... balik tu singgah umah mama jap..:)
<<-- 'd kitab'
ready to learn how to mandikan baby -->>

last week plk.. weekdays biase la... nothing much happen.. but we got a big event end of d week... we went balik kampung.. main reason is chu's wedding (adik mak) @ kulim..

1. i got a called from bank-kpala-rimau.. at 1st i tot i got problem with my saving/credit card account.. but i turn up to be a called for job intvw.. hehehe... suspend je... :p hubby's fren used to work there but he moved to other company-kerang.. so, he ask me to apply for d job to replace him.. d intvw will be on next tuesday.. huhuhh...cuak oooo.. dah lamer xkene intvw ni... manage to talk to him n ask for tips.. yg penting, not much technical questions n got IQ quiz but in objective.. (read: blh 'tembak'!! :p)

2. hubby manage to go back early.. so aku yg dah lamer teringin nak g pasar malam ni dpt la menunaikan hajat.. we went to pasar malam @ puncak j@lil .. beli apam balik, tulang ayam, karipap n nasi dagang... puas ati!!.. dpt all that i want to eat... heheheh...

3. after dinner n packing, kitorg bertolak.. around 10pm.. hubby drive till ladang b1kam then i drive till ipoh sbb he sooo sleepy.. a bit jam after terowong till r&r sg.p3rak.. we found out d next morning its becoz ade bass jatuh gaung.. 7 ppl died.. kesian.. we arrive @ kk 1.30am..


wake up early.. mama masak nasik lemak... after brekkie me n hubby bertolak ard 8.45am.. mama n abah will come later.. pkl 10.30 we arrive kulim... just b4 d pengantin went to nikah.. i do nothing much.. maklum le... perut dah boyot... hhehehe.. just lepak2.. jaga dinie.. pkl 1pm abah n mama sampai, we lunch togather.. alhamdulillah...d kenduri went well.. sgt meriah.. org pun ramai yg dtg... me, hubby n abah din stay @ kulim.. we went back t o bertam coz abah nak tgk finale raj@ lawak.. :p we arrive bertam ard 7.30pm... after magrib hubby ajak pi pekena char kue tiow(CKT)!!... hehehe.. a must-eat-food every time balik penang... too bad lupa plk nak amik gambar the real CKT n put here.. :p

small kazens @ chu's wedding..(wani, ayan n farah) :)


we went to kulim again to send abah.. by d time we were there, everybody dah ready nak bertolak ke rumah pengantin lelaki.. we're not following.. lepas salam2 we berolak balik kuale.. but we singgah at ta1ping sbb yours truly teringin nak makan ciken chop kat kedai cine yg slalu my parents bring us mase kecik2 dl... too bad sampai2 je kat situ tgk kedai tu tutup.. the we try to see d next best food kat situ which is kuetiow DoL1.. tp tutup gak.. maybe too early mase tu..blom pkl 12 pun... so balik la kami dengan hati yg agak hampa... but we decide to pekena laksa n cendol kat lembah,KK... lega... dpt plk beli putu buluh.. something very hard to get in kl... hehehe... then only kitorg balik umah... hubby get his good sleep n rest sbb mlm kang nak drive balik kl.. me, i spend the time talking with mama.. sajer sembang2... gossip2... hehehe.. dah lamer xborak2.. :) mlm lepas dinner n smayang we bertolak balik kl.. arrive home at 12pm... alhamdulillah... :)

laksa kuale....

02 March 2007

finally..its FRIDAY!!

alhamdulillah...its friday oredi... tersangatlah mengantuknyer ari ni... start dr pg td... sampai lanie... tak ilang2 lg ngantuk nyer...nak kater xcukup tido??...time tido mcm biase je... maybe skarang cepat sgt penat kot.... dah nak menghampiri 3rd trimester ni.. its normal la... berat pun byk dah bertambah ni... i'm 57kg now!!!!... giler..almost 10kg naik since b4 preggy..

and semalam horror betul... aku jatuh tangga!!! but rilex... nothing serious... just termissed 2 step.. n jatuh pun 'sopan' je... jatuh 'atas' kaki.. nasib baik tak jatuh ke depan (read: atas perut!!)... huhuh...horror2!!.. na'uzubillah... nasib baik baby ok.. mama pun ok... siap blh g sopping lg kat tesco... hhahaa.. 'retail theraphy'... :p

wiken ni(sunday) me n hubby going to antenatal(lamasze) class kat h-u-k-m... hopefully it will be fun n informative.. its a one-day-course.. rm100 per couple+breakfast+lunch+tea.. from d aturcara majlis, mcm2 ada... senaman laa.. birth control la.. ntah ape lg ntah.. tp sumer kejap2 je..1/2 hour je... :)

anyway...last wiken we had another 'run-away-wiken' (babymoon) kat summ1t hotel... friday nite yeop ask me wether we want a room or not.. just pay rm50.. its d summit nyer promotion.. purchase rm50@ summit, can get 1 time whe3l-of-fortune spin.. and d best prize is 1 nite stay @ summit hotel... yong n d family oredi got 17 free rooms!!!.. giler.. ni kes rasuah skali nih... heheheh... so, we took 1 room for saturday nite...

saturday morning tu sempat lg aku masak.. cucur roti n nasi ayam.. too bad luper plk nak amik gambar.. sbb rushing pun time tu... cucur tu xlaku sgt.. but nasi ayam taste good... hheheheh.. i use mak nye kuah kicap yg lebih last week to marinate d ayam... i just rebus ayam n masak nasik.. n too bad gak on sunday aku balik umah tgk nasik tu dah basi!!... rizal la ni.. xsimpan dlm fridge.. nvm la..

so, wew check-in pkl 3pm... lepak2 dlm bilik... layan desperate housewives season 1 (ancient..i know..) ... pkl 7 kitorg kuar g umah mak ani kat putr@ heights.. depa sumer ada kat sana.. anak2 f@my skali... so, sembang2...makan2... pkl 10 bersurai... balik hotel.. pi pekena fruit punch free.. yes, d room come with free welcome drinks ONLY... no breakfast.. nvm.... good enuf.. lg pun kitorg dah bl buns for tomoro morning... :) layan tv jap.. then pkl 12.30 kuar g pudu... amik nyanyah.. she just arrived from kuale.. and send her balik umah.. balik hotel terus belayar ke la la landdd.... zzzzzzz...

sunday, pkl 11 br bangun!!!... heheehh.. dah lamer xbangun lambat... :p had bubble bath sambil sambung layan DHW.. pkl 12.30 br bersiap... yeop dah check-out dulu.. kesian baby-ria demam.. lps checkout, me n hubby jalan2 summit jap.. survey spec.. dah alang2 ari tu mama(hubby) offer coz she can claim.. and dah tiba masa pun kitorg tukar spec.. spec yg skarang ni since 2004.. masa tu tgh hangat berchenta lg.. heheh.. yg tu pun claim kat mama gak.. :p so, we got our self a new pair of glasses yg ade clip-on.. ala2 sama gak la.. not exactly same mcm yg kitorg pakai skarang.. but at a very good price la.. beli kat kedai2 biase is much more cheaper dr bl kat those big2 shop like 3ngland 0pti. or f0cus p0int... by thursday dah blh pick-up... lps tu gi isi perut dl.. pkl 4 br sampai umah... lps solat asar, i manage to cook kuih lapis... hehehehe.. quite easy.. n agak berjaya la... keras skit.. but taste nice.. heheheh.. here d pict. ...

my 1st attempt kuih lapis..:)

last 2 days, aku MC.... sakit biase la.. selsema n sore throat.. so, lepak kat umah je.. n memandangkan musim-rajin-memasak ni kan... so i manage to cook mashed potato n puding jagung (again).. mashed potato tu taste ok..but doesn't look as nice as k-f-c nye la kan.. heheh... n puding plk ntah apsal lembik!!! sukatan n everything all same mcm ari tu.. hmm.. but still taste nice la.. my good2 fren, yuchiun dtg melawat petang tu... sajer sbb dah lame tak jumpe... n shes going to 'migrate' to UK end of this month... so,ingatkan nak la jamu puding tu kat dia... tp xsanggup la plk kan.. hehhehe... :p

mashed potatoku... :)

eh ok la.. dah panjang ni.. next week citer lagi... :)

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