10 January 2007

i'm in my 2nd trimester

alhamdulillah...i'm in my 2nd trimester...19weeks to be exact(actually xtau la exact ke tak..sbb 3 kali jumpe doktor,3-3 kali ckp diff due date...)...

i'm having some of d common simptoms now...
1. backache...dlm seminggu-dua ni sakit giler pinggang!!!...esp time kejer...siap sakit2 tulang blakang sumer...maybe sbb dok lamer sgt kot...ni i brought a pillow to support my back...ade la kurang skit sakit nyer...and at nite...sometimes sampai aku terjaga sbb sakit...nasib baik i got a very2 helpfull hubby to rub my back...thanx syg..:)
2. makan..makan..n makan....yes....i've been eating almost non-stop..esp petang2 after lunch...asyik lapar je...siap ade 1 malam tu sanggup goreng cucur pkl 11mlm!!!...teringin/lapar punyer pasal...:p
3. kebesaran perut....kalo dah makan pun xstop...perut aper lagi..berkadaran-selari la...:p..but pelik coz my weight tak naik byk pun..by tummy...huhuhuhu...can see very obvious oredi...:p
4. but yg paling best is i can feel my baby kicking....suke sesangat kick mama..esp during/after makan...lately kalo mama/abah tgh ckp pasal dia,she/he will respond...(read:kick)... heheheh..anak mama dah pandai...:D and bertambah best sbb dpt buat abah jeles...hehehe...coz mama sorang je blh rase baby kicking..and everytime mama ckp kat abah u're kicking me,he will touch my tummy to feel it...but baby xnak kick dah...heheheh...

this weekend gonna do our 4th check up @ klinik zuraidah...can't wait to see my baby again...:)

anyway..ni i take from pregnancy weekly...nice n cute info for 2nd trimester...
Second Trimester
You are digesting solid food on a regular basis, which is a welcome development, and you have a lot more energy now. Your body has shifted its focus from growing your baby's organs to growing you! You will gain the majority of your weight in this trimester, and your collection of symptoms may increase. You also may notice skin changes, forgetfulness, swelling, clumsiness, backaches, nosebleeds, Braxton-Hicks contractions, or any number of minor inconveniences, aches, and sensations. You may start noticing a fluttering sensation: your baby at play inside you! He or she will be somersaulting around in your amniotic fluid, reacting to touch and loud noises.Your baby is able now to react to the outside world, thanks to ears that can overhear and eyes complete with brows and lashes that can see everything within eight inches. Your baby can do so much now! Hiccups are an option. So is thumb-sucking. Their hands and feet are fully formed, nails and all. And their brain tissue is bulking up quite nicely, as is their head of hair, (if there's any there)... By the end of this trimester, your baby will weigh approximately three pounds, and should be about 11 inches in length. They've been growing as quickly as you have!

ok la..abah dah msg tu..nak balik dah....see u around...:)


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